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Monday, November 25, 2013

Lecture notes for the first part of the course

Here is the syllabus of the first part of the course, together with the updated lecture notes.

Lecture 1 (2013-Analysis-01)

  • First encounters with infinity
  • Formal language of mathematics: sets, operations, functions, logical constructions, quantifiers…
  • Infinite operations (union, intersection, …)
  • Enumeration. Comparison of sets.
  • Sequences: stabilization, accumulation.

Lecture 2 (2013-Analysis-02)

  • Numbers: how we discover them and how we “build” them.
  • Arithmetic operations. Equations.
  • Adjunction missing solutions of equations that we want to be solvable.
  • Rational numbers: the structure of a field.
  • Why can’t one divide by zero and what is the price to pay if we allow such division
  • Irrational algebraic numbers: how to operate with them

Lecture 3 (2013-Analysis-03)

  • Order on rational numbers.
  • Density.
  • Holes between rational numbers
  • Infinite systems of two-sided inequalities
  • Dedekind cuts and operations on them.
  • Completeness of the new “number system” \mathbb R
  • Uncountability of the set of real numbers \mathbb R.

See you tomorrow to talk about convergence and limits.


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