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Friday, July 6, 2018

Calculus on manifolds 2017/8 – Exam

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Finally the summer is here, and with it the exams.

The revised lecture notes are available here. The problems for the exam are at the end of the notes.

The rules of the game are extremely simple.

    1. The grading is by the pass/fail scheme.
    2. There is no predefined minimum of problems/items to get “pass”. Everything is decided in a purely subjective matter. Please avoid writing nonsense just for the sake of writing something: if accumulated beyond certain critical mass, it may result in the unlikely “fail”.
    3. All textbooks are at your disposition: actually, you are encouraged to consult as many of them as you feel like it. Solutions of the form “this is theorem 123 from [XXX]” are accepted, provided that they indeed are coherent (e.g., not based on a different set of definitions).
    4. You are welcome to talk to each other during preparation, but please spare me from checking identical submissions. The art of writing math texts is in itself important and you can learn it only by trial and error/corrections.
    5. The deadline for submission is August 3, 2018 as set by the Feinberg Graduate school. I can cover you for some extra time in case you have unexpected circumstances, but please don’t try to stretch the deadline beyond reasonable limits.
    6. If you find an error, invalidating one of the exam problems (errare humanum est), please post a comment to this post, and I will try to correct the formulation (or cancel the problem outright if it is beyond repair, – things happened…)
    7. All questions concerning the exam/notes can be posted here in the comments or (if you prefer) in an email to  (that’s me, in case you didn’t notice). I am essentially around here until the deadline, so if you prefer a personal communication, you are welcome to lay an ambush when I am in my office (Zyskind 150, usually every day between 15:30 and 18:00). But in any case, I’d prefer to be notified about request for a meeting in advance.
    8. The choice of the language for submission is yours. My preference is the pidgin English typeset in LaTeX, but this is by no means mandatory. On the other hand, if you plan to write in Mandarin or Basque, I’ll have to disappoint you. Please double check if your the language of your choice is covered.
    9. Problems marked with asterisks are considerably more difficult then the rest. If you love challenges, this is for you to try, but don’t get frustrated if you fail. If not, just register them as subtle math results which are so close to a general math course.

Good luck, and … and good luck!



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