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Disclaimer. If you Google my name and find the picture to the right – that’s not me!

Sergei Yakovenko, סרגיי יעקובנקו, Сергей Яковенко

Born June 2, 1960 in Moscow, USSR. Son of Юрий и Светлана Яковенко.
Studied in:

  1. Middle school no. 167, 1967-1974
  2. High school no. 179 (physical/mathematical specialization), 1974-1976
  3. Moscow State University 1976-1981, including the certificate of public catering worker (1980). MSc thesis advisor: asso. prof. (доцент) Yulij S. Ilyashenko.

Degree: Ph. D. in Math (канд. ф.-м. наук), Institute of Control Science, Moscow, 1985.
My teachers (formal or informal) to whom I feel especially indebted: М. А. Хмельницкий, В. В. Бронфман (high school),  Yulij S. Ilyashenko, Vladimir I. Arnold, Mark A. Krasnoselsky, Askold G. Khovanskii.


1981-1991    Institute of Control Science (Институт Проблем Управления АН СССР), Moscow, USSR/Russia, junior (1981), then senior (1987) research fellow.
1991-             Weizmann Institute of Science (מכון ויצמן למדע), Rehovot, Israel (scientist 1991, senior scientist 1993, associate professor 1997, professor 2003, department head 2005-2014)

Visiting and sabbatical positions (in no special order): universities of Montreal, Toronto, Cornell, Paris-6, Rennes, Toulouse, Dijon, Pisa, Roma (Tor Vergata), Beijing, Valladolid, Independent U. (Moscow), Fields Institute (Toronto), IHES, …

Papers and non-papers

See the hyperlinked list in PDF format.

Students (all at the Weizmann Institute)

Michael Roitman (M.Sc., 1995), Dmitry Novikov (M. Sc. 1994, Ph. D. 1998), Alexei Grigoriev (M. Sc. 1997, Ph. D. 2001), Gal Binyamini (Ph. D., 2011), Shira Tanny (M. Sc., 2013).



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